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Get involved

policingThere are so many varied and interesting ways to become involved in your local community and make a real contribution to reducing crime:

Neighbourhood Watch

You can help to make your community safer by joining your local Neighbourhood Watch scheme.  Neighbourhood Watch is one of the largest and most successful crime prevention schemes ever, with 3.8 million households in England and Wales taking part.

Neighbourhood Watch works not only to reduce crime but to build community spirit and good relations, bringing local people closer together with the common goal of tackling crime and disorder and keeping an eye on each other’s property.

Community Boards Havant Borough Council’s Community Boards give a voice to local residents and a platform from them to share their opinions, aspirations, wants and needs. Their members work as representatives of the local population and they also invite members of the general public to their meetings.

Becoming a magistrate

By volunteering as a magistrate you will gain new and valuable skills whilst serving your community and making your local area a safer place to live.  Magistrates, or Justices of the Peace, deal with around 95 per cent of criminal cases in England and Wales, including many of the crimes that most affect the public, such as anti-social behaviour.  Some of your duties may include determining whether a defendant is guilty or not and passing the appropriate sentence, deciding on requests for remand in custody and deciding on applications for bail.

You need to be able to commit at least 26 half-days per year to sit in court (employers are required by law to grant reasonable time off work for magistrates). Magistrates are not paid for their services. However, many employers allow time off with pay for magistrates.  You don’t need legal or academic qualifications to be a magistrate and full training is provided.

Becoming a police support volunteer

Police support volunteers are people with the time to give and the enthusiasm to make a difference. You don’t necessarily need to have any particular skills – although specialists are always welcome – just the right attitude and community values.

Having the support of people who give up their time and talents to help their local police teams means that we can keep officers and staff where you want them to be – out of offices and actively working in your neighbourhoods.

Perhaps you want to increase your skills and become more employable, perhaps you are recently retired with more spare time and skills to put to good use, or perhaps you are simply motivated to do something meaningful with your spare time. The hours can be flexible to suit you and your commitments, and the roles vary from administration support to victim contact work. Follow the link below to find out more and apply online or call 101.