Need to build up your self-confidence? This may help…Confidence Booklet

Victim Support have produce an information booklet helping people to be more assertive, to challenge negative thoughts and to take control of their lives.

If you are a victim of domestic abuse or anti-social behaviour, if a community safety problem has been getting you down, or if you just feel you would like to build up your confidence, this booklet gives exercises, information and advice aimed at working on self esteem:


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Safer Internet Day 10th February 2015

Everyone has a role to play in creating a better internet. It’s up to us!Safer Internet Day 2015

In championing a better internet, the theme aims to encourage people to embrace technology and make the most of the positive opportunities offered online, while giving them the resilience, skills, knowledge and support they need to navigate any online risks they may come across.

There are ways in which we can all contribute:

Children and young people can help to create a better internet by being kind and respectful to others online, by protecting their online reputations and by seeking positive opportunities to create, engage and share online.

Parents and carers can help to create a better internet by maintaining an open dialogue with their children about their online lives, supporting them with their online activity, and seeking out positive opportunities to engage with their children online.

Educators and social care workers can help to empower children and young people to embrace the positive by equipping them with the digital literacy skills they require for today’s world, and giving them opportunities to use and create positive content online. They can help to respond to the negative by supporting young people if they encounter problems online, and by giving them the resilience, confidence and skills that young people need to navigate the internet safely.

Industry has a role to play by creating and promoting positive content and services online and by empowering users to respond to any issues by providing clear safety advice, a range of easy-to-use safety tools, and quick access to support if things do go wrong.

Decision makers and politicians need to provide the culture in which all of the above can function and thrive, and continue to play a key role as we drive forward in creating a better internet for young people.

For more information and resources, log on to:

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DRINK-less: Save Money, Feel Fitter and Enjoy Life More

Do you want to save money, feel fitter and enjoy life more?CS39311 Drink-Less A4 posters 3

Try re-thinking your drink over the festive period. Drink-less for half the calories and half the price!

For ideas on how to cut down or find out about easy drink swaps have a look at the Change for Life website:

Discover how many calories are in your drink and tips and advice on drinking less by visiting the NHS choices website:

Find out who you can talk to locally if you need help:































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Community Alcohol Partnership Relaunch on Hayling

The Hayling Island Community Alcohol Partnership (CAP) has re-launched its alcohol ‘education and enforcement’ campaign following a successful program which reduced reported levels of anti-social behaviour on the Island and raised awareness of alcohol issues amongst young people.CAP logo

The re-launch commenced at The Hayling College with a CAP Focus Day for the school pupils. Students from years 7 and 8 received a formal presentation introducing them to the purpose of the Community Alcohol Partnership while years 9 and 10 had a carousel of talks and activities aimed at raising awareness of the issues surrounding young people and alcohol. The talks and activities were led by members of the Fire Service, Police, Motiv8, Environmental Rangers, School Nurses, representatives from the local Tesco, The Southern Co-operative and Sainburys, local resident Jane Heath and some of the college’s own staff.

Following this engaging and informative day two Hayling College representatives, Deputy Head Boy Christopher Summerfield and Prefect Emily Harkness hand delivered letters to the local Tesco, The Southern Co-operative and Sainburys Challenge 25thanking the stores for their continued support of the Community Partnership. The students used the opportunity to talk to the store managers about the ‘Challenge 25 scheme’ and why they choose to support the Hayling CAP.

David Newbiggin  Manager of Tesco, Station Road “Locals know that if you look under 25 and you do not have ID we will refuse the sale.”

Pete Raynor  Retail Business Manager of The Southern Co-operative store in Elm Grove “We are a community based store and believe that it is very important to be involved with community based projects like CAP.”

Luke Todd Manager of Sainsburys, Mengham Road “We are helping to create a better environment for people to live in.”

CAP will be continuing to work on Hayling Island bringing together agencies, retailers and young people to continue to educate and promote a responsible drinking culture.

For more information about Community Alcohol Partnerships please have a look at:

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UK Safer Internet Centre

In addition to coordinating Safer Internet Day, the UK Safer Internet Centre delivers a wide range of activity to promote the safe and responsible use of technology:UK Safer Internet Centre

  • founded and operates an e-safety helpline for professionals working with children in the UK
  • operates the UK’s hotline for reporting online criminal content
  • develops new educational resources for children, parents and carers and teachers to meet emerging trends in the fast-changing online environment
  • delivers education sessions for children, parents, carers, teachers and the wider children’s workforce
  • shapes policy at school, industry and government level, both in the UK and internationally, and facilitates youth panels to give young people a voice on these issues.

Have a look at the UK Safer Internet Centre website for more details:

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Safer Internet Day 2015 – ‘Let’s create a better internet together’

Safer Internet Day 2015 will be celebrated globally on Tuesday 10th February with the slogan ‘Let’s create a better internet together’.Safer Internet Day 2015

Coordinated in the UK by the UK Safer Internet Centre the celebration sees hundreds of organisations get involved to help promote the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology for children and young people. For Safer Internet Day 2014, over 650 organisations got involved, reaching 25% of children and 18% of teenagers.

The UK Safer Internet Centre – a partnership of three leading charities; Childnet, the South West Grid for Learning and the Internet Watch Foundation – provide resources for children, schools and families, and tools for getting involved at:

Globally, Safer Internet Day is celebrated in over a hundred countries, coordinated by the joint Insafe/INHOPE network, with the support of the European Commission, and 31 national Safer Internet Centres across Europe.

The day offers the opportunity to highlight positive uses of technology and to explore the role we all play in helping to create a better and safer online community. It calls upon young people, parents, carers, teachers, social workers, law enforcement, companies, policymakers, and wider, to join together in helping to create a better internet. Ultimately, a better internet is up to us!

#up2us  #SID2015

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Junior Citizen 2014

‘I am a Junior Citizen. I pledge to do my best to make my area a better place to live’

1,160 year six students from 24 local Primary and Junior schools attended the Junior Citizen Event at Fort Purbrook in November. The aim of Junior Citizen fortnight is that the young people are given safety and citizenship information in a fun and engaging way so that they are better equipped to deal with ‘real life’ situations and become more responsible and active members of the Havant Borough.

The schools went around five thought provoking scenarios run by the Southern Domestic Abuse Service, Hampshire Fire and Rescue, the British Red Cross, Royal National Lifeboat Institution, Hampshire Police and Havant Borough Council’s Environmental Rangers. They covered topics like domestic abuse, what to do when there is a fire, first aid, beach safety, anti-social behavior and the importance of dealing with litter and dog mess in a correct manner.

The Mayor of Havant, Marjorie Smallcorn visited the event and said on her blog:

“The scenarios were so life-like and were designed to help children to see dangers in all kinds of situations raising their awareness of dangers alongside teaching them valuable life skills. I think the children will remember these because they were ‘experiencing’ them rather than being ‘told’.

It was such a valuable experience for the children and they were obviously enraptured the whole time. Well done Havant Safer Partnership.”

To see more of the Mayor’s Blog please visit the following site:

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Havant Rangers on BBC show ‘Don’t Mess With Me’

The BBC have recently shown a five part documentary series hosted by Margaret Mountford investigating the methods and tactics Councils are using to combat the litter problem in Britain. Spraying Poo Pink

Havant’s own Environmental Rangers featured in episode five, Fast Food. The Rangers demonstrated the ‘Paint Poo Pink’ Campaign and that Fixed Penalty Notices are being issued to dog owners who fail to pick up after their dogs.

The episode is still available to see on the BBC iPlayer until the 27th December 2014.

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Stay Safe this Christmas

Christmas is a time to celebrate and have fun but for some individuals it can provide an opportunity to take advantage of those who are vulnerable and susceptable to crime. Christmas Advent Calender

To help you stay safe this Christmas, Hampshire Police have produced some top tips and advice for this joyful season whether you are out shopping, at home, using a cashpoint, going on holiday or out in the evening.





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Christmas Crime Prevention

Hampshire Police have created an online advent calendar full of top tips for preventing crime this Christmas!Christmas Advent Calender

Each day will reveal important advice to help you stay safe over the festive period.

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